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Reunite with your loved ones when you trust the bail bondsman at Merriam Ellis Bail Bonds in Bartow, Florida. Our bail bond services provide you with the financial means to post bail when you need it.

Setting Bail

After someone has been arrested, no matter what the charge may be, they will be taken before a judge. The judge will decide whether a bail will be assigned. In the event that the arrestee has missed a court appearance in the past, they are considered a flight risk and no bail will be set. If the judge does assign bail, the amount will be based on:
• The Crime Committed
• Whether He or She Is a Repeat Offender
• How Likely the Individual Is to Show up for Court
• His or Her Age
• Ties to the Community

Posting Bail

Surety bonds are the most popular type of bail due to low fees. If an individual does not have enough money to post bail, he or she can use a bail bonds agency to get out of jail. The agency will pay the bond to have the individual released and 10% of the bond will be charged to the arrestee as a fee. Once the arrestee shows up for court, the agency will produce the funds.
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For example, if bail were set at $1,000, the arrestee would only have to pay $100 to the bondsman for getting him out of jail. The bail bonds agency does not want to lose the money they put for the bond, so typically they will make sure the arrestee has a co-signer that can pay the full bail bond back if the individual skips town.

Paying a Cash Bond

The arrestee can pay the full bail amount in cash if they wish; however, they must return to court for all appointed court dates to qualify for a full refund of the bail. The money will generally be returned within a few months of full filling court obligations. If the individual misses the court dates, then the money is fortified to the courts.

Getting Released from Jail

Drawing up a bond takes about 30 minutes to complete. Once the fees are paid, the bail will be complete. The release from jail can take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours, depending on how busy the jail facility is at the time.
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